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اسئلة واجوبة اللغة الانكليزية الفرع الادبي 2020 الدور الاول

اسئلة واجوبة اللغة الانكليزية الفرع الادبي 2020 الدور الاول

اسئلة واجوبة اللغة الانكليزية الفرع الادبي كتابة وصور

Reading Comprehension (20 Marks)

ََََQ1. Read this text carefully then ansrer (5) of the questions that follow(10 M.)

 Whisbeide was a small village, and old people often came and lived there. Some of them had a lot of old 

 furniture, and they often did not want some of it, because they were in a smaller house now Saturday morning they put it out, and other people came and looked at it, and sometimes they took it way

every because they wanted it. Every Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Morton put a very wly old bear's bend out of their ate, but nobody wanted it. Then last Saturday, they wrote, I'm very lonely here.Please take me

the side On a piece of paper and put it near the bear's head. They went to the town, and came home in the evening There were now two bears' heads in front of their house, and there was another piece of paper. It said w lonely too

1. Where did Mr and Mrs. Morton put the paper?

 2. Nobody wanted the bear's head (True False 

3. Why did old people in Whitebridge often sell their old furniture? 

4. What did Mr. and Mrs. Morton write on a piece of paper?

 5. What did Mr. and Mrs. Morto put out every Saturday?

6. Give the passage a suitable title.

 B s wer or complete (3) of the following sentences using information from your textbooks (10 M.)

1. It is very easy to get a place on an interpreting course. True False) 

2. When Zald Tariq was attacked by the shark, he

a was laying on a plastic mattress b. was in a boat chit it with a piece of wood)

 3. Police departments don't use radar guns anymore. (True False)

 4. People have to follow the law so that we

 5. The stress of modern life can cause

6. Mustafa found his mother in her bedroom. True False 

جواب السؤال الاول

Grammar and Functions: 730 Marks) 

Q2. A Rewrite the following sentences, follow the instructions between brackets. Choose 10) (20 M.)

1. My father told me to turn down the music. Rewrite with the correct form of make!) 

2 Why haven't you answered all the questions?

The teacher asked me ..... (Reported question) 

3. Fadia didn't speak to me since her sister's wedding. (Correct the sentence) 

4. What would you like to change if you can change one thing about your appearance?

(Correct the form of the verb ) 

5. Define a nurse. (Use " looks after sick people and helps doctors")

 6. I've already tumed on/it. (Put in the correct order) 

7. You didn't revise for your Geography exam and you got a bad mark. You feel sorry about this.

(Regret: use" I wish") 

8. (take a taxi to the airport). (Make suggestion: Use "let's") 

9. He have ) his hair cut at the hairdressers, but now his wife cuts it for him

(Use the correct form of used to ")

 10. .......... Get them tested once a year. (Use an imperative to give advice) 

11. A thief took our clothes while we swim). (Correct the form of the verb) 

12. This is a new computer, so I think it is faster than the other one.

(Expectation: Use" should)(10 M)

B/Choose the correct word between brackets. ( 5 only)

1. Khalil Gibran, who / whose ) wrote a book called The Prophet, was a famous Lebanese poet.

 2. We were very frightened / frightening ) when our car broke down in the desert. 

3. Police officers ( must don't have to prevent crimes.

 4. There's only a few / little ) orange juice left in the bottle.

 5. How many / much ) meals do you eat a day? 6. The picture was ( beautiful beautifully painted.

جواب السؤال الثاني

Vocabulary and Spelling? (20 Marks) 

Q3.A Complete the sentences with the suitable words between bracket

 Chemicals, tour guide, bleeding package, dry, pain

1.the skin on my leg is very……… I have to put this cream on every day.

 2. My toe is........... I cut it on a piece of glass on the beach.

3. Where exactly is theand how long have you had it?

4. My sister is a ......... She takes tourists sightseeing in London every day 

5. My eyes are sore from the ....... in the pool. March the words and phrases in list with their definitions in list 

B. (5 only) List & List B(5M.)

 1. unattended                                a. there is nothing in it. 

 2. vacancy                                          b. a good salary, compared with other employers.

 3. a competitive salary            c, without someone looking after it

. 4. declare                                          d. this means that you really want to succeed

. 5. empty                                           e say you are carrying something you need to pay duty on.

 6. ambitious                            f. the company has a space for a new employee.

 C/ Complete the following with correctly spelt words. (3 only)(5 M.)

1.obey, disobey : encourage . .

2. tall, taller ; funny......

 3. joint in the amm: ..........., company, appt. .......

 5. property, stuff ; occurred......

6. delight, delightful luxury ……..

جواب السؤال الثالث

Q4. Answer or complete (5) of the following questions:(10 M.) 

1. How does the story of The Canary" end? 

2. The visitor described the child's father as smoke. (True/False) 

3. What is Mohammed Khudhair?

 4. Sattar found it easy/difficult ) to convey the death of his friend Ali.

 5. What does the story "The Swing" stress on?

6. In 1917, Katherine Mansfield became ill with ( a. tuberculosis b. diabetes) 

جواب السؤال الرابع

Writing: ( 20 Marks)(20 M.)

 Q5. Choose either A or B

. A/ Write ( 100-120 ) on the advantages of studying English in Britain. These notes may help you:

- you can hear people speaking English all day, in many different situations. - watch TV and films in English and listen to radio. . read English newspapers, advertisements, notices.

observe British way of life. - possibly stay with British family.

B/ Write an e-mail of (100-120) words telling a friend about a company you have recently set up with

a friend or relative. The company could be producing one of the following: jewellery, cosmetics, perfume, food or foot wear.

جواب السؤال الخامس (الانشاء)