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اسئلة واجوبة اللغة الانكليزية الفرع الاحيائي 2020 الدور الاول

اسئلة واجوبة اللغة الانكليزية الفرع الاحيائي 2020 الدور الاول

اسئلة واجوبة اللغة الانكليزية الفرع الاحيائي كتابة وصور

Reading Comprehension:(20 Marks)

 َََQ1. A. Read this text carefully then answer (5) of the questions that follow. 

A certain old gentleman was very unhappy about modern education, and thought that young people

(TOM) nowadays were not being taught the importance of knowing the difference between right and wrong. One dny he was taking a walk in the park near his home when he saw some young boys standing around a small cat. The old gentleman went up to the boys and asked them what was happening. One of the boys said to Him. We're having a game. We're telling lies, and the one who tells the biggest one gets to keep the cat." The old gentleman thought that this was a good opportunity to teach the boys a useful lesson, so he said to them. "Tve never told a lie in my life." All at once there was a great shout from all the boys, and they said,

You've won! You can take the cat!" 

1. How did the old gentleman feel about modern education 

2. The boys let the old gentleman have the cat because ......

(a. he had told the biggest lie b. he was older than they were )

 3. What did the old gentleman think young people should be taught? 

4. What did the old gentleman see in the park one day?

 5. The old gentleman wanted more attention to be paid to morals. (a. True b. False)

6. Give the passagGrammar and Functions: (30 Marks ) 

ill a. cause health problems b. make us lose our jobs c. kill us ) 

3. Mustafa had to stand on a chair to 

4. What was Zaid Tariq doing when he saw the shark? 

5. Why shouldn't an interpreter waste time thinking?

6. People have to follow the law so that we can all live together safely. (a. True , b.false)

 جواب السؤال الاول

Grammar and Functions: (30 Marks ) 

ََQ2.A / Re - write the following sentences, follow the instructions between brackets. Choose 10) (20 M.)

1. Define a plumber. (Use : "fixes and installs pipes for water"

 2. I'll turn down/it/ in a minute. Put in the correct order) 

3. She (not/be) so thin, but she got very ill last year and lost a lot of weight.

(Use the correct form of used to ") 

4. you have always wanted to fly. I think you will like the Air Force (Expectation use should" 

5. He looked outside because he heard a noise. (Rewrite with the correct form of smake

 6. He gets angry if his sister (borrow) his CDS. Correct the form of the verb ) 

7. Adam has come back from Beirut yesterday Correct the sentence)

 8. The book was missing. It has the information I Wanted.

The book ...........(Combine to make defining relative clause)

 9. Khaled was playing football when he break ) his ankle. (Correct the form of the verb )

 10. Where did you lose your purse? I asked her .......(Reported question)

11. And brush your teeth three times a day. (Use imperative to give an advice)

 12. You bought some shoes last week. You've decided you don't like them. Regret use wr wish

B/ Choose the correct word between brackets: ( 5 only)

1. Have you ever / Did you ever ) spent the whole night awake looking at the stars?

 2. How much / many ) exercise does he take a week? 

3. My family has lived in the same house. ( since/ for ) 15 years,

 4. We need a few / little more oranges.

 5. He's a very interested/interesting person.

 6. You're driving too fast! You (have to needn't slow down.

 جواب السؤال الثاني

Vocabulary and Spelling: (20 Marks) 

َQ3.A/ Complete each sentence with the suitable word from the box:

throat, obey, sneeze, hurts, dry pickpockets 

1. My back ........ all the time. It only feels OK when I am lying down.

 2. Crowded areas attract .......who try to steal people's wallets. 

3. I can't swallow. I have a sore .......... 

4. My lips are really ......... and sore.

5. Drivers must .......... the speed limit. 

B/ Match a word from List A with a word from list B to make a compound moun.. (only)

List A: I. X-ray 2. security 3. conveyor 4. crime s metal 6. speeding 

List B: a camera b.belt c. machine d. detector c.ticket scene

C/ Complete the following with correctly spelt words or letters or letters. Choose 5 only (5M.)

 1. fair , unfair pleasant ...

2. joint in the leg: k.....

 3. frequent, freq; company, ...

4. property, stuff ; occurred.

 5. pushing, shaking : yearly........

6. go, gone : ride, ......

جواب السؤال الثالث

Literature Focus: (10 Marks) 

Q4. Answer or complete (5) of the following questions:(10 M.) 

1. Mohammed Khudhair's short stories are translated into English ............ and,.........

 2. In " The Canary " the woman forgol.....when the canary came into her life. 

3. "The Swing" is written by a. Mohammed Khudhair b. Katherine Mansfield)

 4. Who is Mohammed Khudhair?

 5. In 1967, ..........

6. Could the woman in " The Canary " have another bird? 

جواب السؤال الرابع

Writing: ( 20 Marks) 05. Choose either A or R.(20 M.)

 A/ Ahmed wants to be a security guard. He is meeting the manager of a security company tomorrow

morning at 9.00. It takes thirty minutes to go from his house to the security company. The manager sent him directions and a map Write a letter to Ahmed of (100-120) giving him advice on how to get the job.

B/Write an e-mail of (100-120) words about a really bad day out where everything went wrong. Use

your imagination. Start like this: Dear ... I had a terrible day last Saturday. I wish I had stayed in bed then all this wouldn't have happened