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اسئلة واجوبة اللغة الانكليزية الفرع التطبيقي 2020 الدور الاول

اسئلة واجوبة اللغة الانكليزية الفرع التطبيقي 2020 الدورالاول

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Reading Comprehension: (20 Marks )

QI. A/Read this text carefully then answer (5) of the questions that follow.(10 M.)

Mr. Johnson was a rich old man. He lived in a beautiful house in the country with lots of servants, but his wife was dead, and he did not have any children. Then he died suddenly, and people said, " His servants killed him, because they wanted his money." But the servants said, "No, he killed himself." The police came and asked the servants a lot of questions, and after a few weeks, there was a big trial. There were two famous lawyers and several important witnesses. "Tell me," one of the lawyers said to a witness one day,"did Mr. Johnson often talk to himself when he was alone?" "I don't know, the witness answered at once." You don't know?" the lawyer repeated angrily." You don't know? But you were his best friend, weren't you? Why don't you know?" "Because I was never with him when he was alone, the witness answered.

1. Mr. Johnson was a rich old man. (True/False)

2. Where did Mr. Johnson live?

3. What did people say when Mr. Johnson died?

4. What did the police do?

5. The witness said," Mr. Johnson often talked to himself." (True / False)

6. Give the passage a suitable title,

B/ Answer or complete (5)of the following sentences using information from your text book: (10 M.)

1. Interpreters must have three active language. (True / False)

2. Mustafa's mother suffers from .......

3. We need to give families and friends:

(a. a lot of our time b. a good holiday c. at least an hour of our time)

4. Why did Zaid Tariq scream?

5. Police must be trained to use the radar gun correctly. (True / False)

6. Fingerprints and footprints can be used to ..........


Grammar and Functions: (30 Marks)

Q2)A/ Re-write the following sentences, follow the instructions between brackets. Choose 10) (20 M.)

1. My sister hid my purse under the bed while I ( not look ). ( Correct the form of the verb )

2. Define a pilot. (Use" flies a plane")

3. My father asked somebody to clean the car. (Re-write with the correct form of "have")

4. Smoking is terrible. You should / give up/it.( Put in the correct order)

5. Keep your passport in a safe place. (Give advice)

6. He (like) going out, but now he always wants to stay at home. (Use the correct form of used to "

7. ..... It's the most important meal of the day. (Use an imperative to give an advice)

8. Unfortunately, they didn't train every day. That's why they lost the match. (Regret use " If only")

9. You would have met my Aunt Salima if you ( come to our party. (Correct the form of the verb )

10. They've knocked down the restaurant. We had a meal there last year.

They've knocked down the restaurant ............(Combine to make a defining relative clause)

11. I bought him a new mobile phone last week and he already lost it. (Correct the sentence)

12. This is a new computer, so I think it is faster than the other one. (Expectation: use" should)

B/Choose the correct word between brackets: ( 5 only)

1. My family has lived in the same house ( since/ for ) 1970.

2. You'll have to wait a ( few / little ) minutes.

3. I've never (ride / ridden ) an elephant.

4. I saw a very excited / exciting ) film on TV last night.

5. How many / much ) time do you spend on your homework?

6. Please put out your cigarette. You mustn't/ must ) smoke in the police


Vocabulary and Spelling: (20 Marks)(10 M.)

03.A/ Complete each sentence with the suitable word from the box:

screen, pay, canteen, sneezes, title, broken

1. What is your .......... ? Is it Mrs. , Miss. or Dr.?

2. We often say "Bless you " when somebody ..

3. The security guard saw the thieves because he was watching the ...........

4. She can't play tennis. She has .......... her right arm.

5. You must .......... a fine when you get a ticket.

B/Choose the correct alternative. (5 only) (5 M.)

1. When you leave the military, your training can help you find a criminal / civilian ) job.

2. The holiday completely lived up to my wishes / expectations ).

3. If you pass this test, you have more responsibility and you (investigate / supervise ) other people.

4. We (considerably / thoroughly ) enjoyed all the entertainment.

5. The ferry ( works / operates ) throughout the year.

6. The military needs people to care for / maintain ) its equipment and vehicles.

C/ Complete the following with correctly spelt words or letters. Choose 5 only)(5M.)

1. usual, unusual ; healthy, ...........

2. joint in the arm : e...........

3. appt, appointment; co, ............

4. occurred, happened ; injured, .......

5. small, smaller ; cheap

6. luxury, luxurious ; delight, ..... Literature Focus: (10 Marks )


Q4. Answer or complete (5) of the following questions:(10 M.)

1. How old was Mohammed Khudhair when he wrote " The Swing"?

2. The woman in "The Canary" was happy to have the canary because she lived (a lonely / an unlonely)


3." The Swing" was written ( before/after the summer 1967 war.

4. The nail to the right of the front door brought back the sweet memories of the bird to the woman.

(True / False)

5. How did Sattar convey his message to the little girl?

6." The Swing" is one of the best short stories about war. (True False) Writing: (20 Marks)


Q5. Choose either A or B.(20 M.)

A/Write a short article for a travel magazine of (100-120) on "Advice to tourists in Iraq

B/Write an e-mail of (100-120) words telling a friend about a company you have recently set up with a

friend or relative. The company could be producing one of the following: jewellery, cosmetics, perfume, food or foot wear.