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اسئلة اللغة الانكليزية للصف السادس الادبي الدور الاول مع الأجوبة

اسئلة اللغة الانكليزية للصف السادس الادبي الدور الاول مع الأجوبة

قناتنا عالتلكرام

Note: Answer all the questions.

 Reading Comprehension: (20 Marks )

 Q1.A/Read this text carefully then answer (5) of the questions that follow.
Johnny was nine years old, and he was a very bad boy, but his mother always hoped that he would behave better. Then one day, after he had come from school, Johnny's teacher called his mother on the phone and said, "Did you know, Mrs. Perkins, that Johnny saved another boy when he fell into the river while we were out for a walk this moming? " Mrs. Perkins was very happy when she heard this. She thought, Johnny's becoming a good boy." Then she turned to him and said, "That was your teacher. Why didn't you tell me you had been such a brave boy and saved one of your friends when he fell into the river this morning?" But Johnny did not look very happy when he heard this. His face became very red, and he said, "Well, I really had to pull him out, because I pushed him in."

1. What kind of boy was Johnny?
2. What did Mrs. Perkins hope? 
3. What did Johnny's teacher tell his mother? 
4. What did his mother think then? 
5. Who pushed the boy into the river?
6. Give the passage a suitable title.

 B/ Answer or complete ( 5 )of the following sentences using information from your feet book: (10 M.)
1. Workaholics are those people who ............ 
2. How is the daily selection of newspapers and magazines in a library useful? 
3. Why should people save money for the future?
4. When Tariq got back to dry land, he was taken ( a. back to Iraq b. to get medical attention). 
5. Why did Samira Al Mahmoud read about the subject of oil?
6. Why was Mustafa the only one who could help his mother?

 Grammar and Functions: (30 Marks ) 
Q2. N/Re-write the following sentences, follow the instructions between brackets. Choose 10) (20 M.)
1. Somebody will grade our homework over the weekend. (Rewrite in the passive form) 
2. The police found fingerprints at the scene, so I think they will arrest the thief soon. (Expectation) 
3. A bee flew in the kitchen through the open window while 1 ( make a birthday cake.
(Correct the form of the verb )
 4. ( see your ticket). (Polite request use" may") 
5. My father told me to clean the room. (Use the correct form of "make")
 6. I am very disappointed to learn the owner will be closing the company in the autumn.
(Future in the past )
 7. He not like ) Chinese food, but now he loves it. (Use the correct forn of " used to ") 
8. The hotel has a swimming pool. It is very big )
(Use the correct relative pronoun to make one sentence) 
9. Salwa didn't speak to me since her sister's wedding. ( Comect the sentence )
 10. ............ And brush your tecth three times a day. (Use an imperative to give advice) 
11. If Noor (not get a loan, he wouldn't have been able to buy a car. (Correct the form of the verb ) 
12 Will you be nhle to come to my party?
I asked Layia ........... (Reported question )

 B/ Choose the correct word between brackets: ( 5 only) 
1. A thic got into their house because they (hadn't locked / haven't locked
(IO M.)
 2. I haven't seen Mahmoud ( since / for) he came back from holiday.
the door properly.
 3.1'll turn down il / turn it down ) in a minute. 
4. The story was beautiful benutifully written 
5. She was very annoyed / annoying) with him for not teltme fer the truth
 6. How much/ many ) excrcise dnes lie take a week!

Vocabulary and Speillag: 20 Marks)

Q3.A/ Counslate tech sentence wité sez suitable word from the box:

(canteen , sait, insurance, wisely, application, sheerz.)

1. Mary people have ......... that pers for thángs that got stolen.

2 Cover your math ates you

3. Natural resourses must be used ...........

4. Breakfast is provided and studeras can buy other mcais in the on-site .....

5. You reusi sead you .......... to the scbool by ( 10 ) May if you want to start in July.

B/Match the words and the phrases in List A with their definitions in List

B. (5 only) (5 M.)

List B I. admited

a. the box - like room where interpreters work. 2. booth

. a practical lesson 3. account number

c. allowed into a place 4. ferry

d. money you pay the bank every year if you have a credit card 5. workshop

e. the number that is used to identify your account. 6. credit card fee

I. a boat that transports people and goods.

C/ Complete the following with correctly spelt words. (Choose 5 only)

1. usual, unusual ; legal, ..

2. joint in the arm w......

3. see, seen ; leave , .....

4. company,co; computer, ..

5. injured , hun ; occurred,

6. wonder, wonderful; attract,..............

Literature Focus: (10 Marks )

Q4. Answer or complete (5) of the following questions:

1. What did the woman in The Canary" suffer from?

2. How was Mohammed Khudhair's experience in war and politics?

3. Why did Katherine Mansfield move to London in 1903?

4. The visitor found it ( a easy1 b. difficult ) to convey the death of his friend. 5. The two main characters in The Swing are .......... and ..

6. What did the woman in " The Canary" forget after she got the canary?

Writing: (20 Marks)

Q5. Choose either A or B.(20 M.)

A / Ahmed wants to be a security guard. He is meeting the manager of a security company tomorrow

morning at 9.00. It takes thirty minutes to go from his house to the security company. The manager sent him directions and a map.

Write a letter 10 Ahmed of ( 100 - 120 ) words giving him advice on how to get the job.

B/ Write a short article for a travel magazine of ( 100-120 ) words on " gdvice to tourists