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اسئلة اللغة الانكليزية للصف السادس الاحيائي الدور الأول مع الأجوبة 2021

 اسئلة اللغة الانكليزية للصف السادس الاحيائي الدور الأول مع الأجوبة 2021

Note: Answer all the questions.
 Reading Comprehension:
 Q1.A//Read this text carefully then answer(5) of the questions that follow 

Harry Marsh was a driving examiner who had to test people who wanted to get a driving- licence. One day the car beside the driver and told him to check the lights, then the brakes and then all the other usual things. The driver performed everything promptly cand faultlessly, without saying a word. Then Harry told the driver to start his engine and drive forward. Then he told him to turn right into a side road, stop. go backwards into another side road and then drive to the office again. On the way, the driver said to Harry politely. "Could you please tell me why we are doing all these things? I was passing through this town and only stopped to look at my map.

1. What was Harry's job? 
2. What did he see outside his office one day? 
3. Why did Harry give the young man a driving test?
4. The young man had a lot of faults in his performance. (a. True / b. False ) 
5. Why had the young man's car been parked outside Harry's office?
6. Give the passage a suitable title.

B/ Answer or complete ( 5 )of the following sentences using information from your text book: (10 M.)

1- Holidays are important for everyone, not just the businessman. (a. True/ b. False ) 
2. What is the most important quality in an interpreter? 
3. Drivers mustn't speed because speeding is .......... 
4. Why are new jobs appearing all the time? 
5. Mustafa's mother suffers from ( a. diabetes b. high blood pressure )
6. Why is investing in stocks and shares a risky business?

 Grammar and Functions: (30 Marks)

Q2. A/ Re-write the following sentences, follow the instructions between brackets.( Choose 10) (20 M.) 

1.I'll send you the directions by e-mail. They are very clear. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding us.            (Expectation)
2. We first met them in July. (know)
.....(Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one, putting the verb in brackets in the present perfect simple. 
3. He is going to a painting class this evening. I found out he ......... (Future in the past ) 
4. While I was eating breakfast , a bird (now) into the kitchen. (Correct the form of the verb) 5. My father asked somebody to fix the computer.
My father ............ (Use the correct form of "get") 
6. If! (not/ have ) the operation, I would have died. (Correct the form of the verb ) 
7. Can you / the music / turn down? (Put in the correct order) 
8. ( get me a drink of water ) ( polite request )( Use : " would") ask him about tonight?
9. If you see Khalid, can you )
He can come. I ............ (Complete using " already" and an appropriate verb 
10. Define a lawyer. (Use : " give advice to people about the law") 
11. Unfortunately, you didn't lock the car. That's why a thief stole some valuable things of yours from it. (Regret : use " I wish")
12. The Star Restaurant has a lovely garden. (You can have a meal there on summer evenings.)         (Use the correct relative pronoun to make 0ne scntcnce)

B / Choose the correct word between brackets:            ( 5 only) 
1. Did you ( usc to / used to ) fight with your brother when you were little? 
2. If I (played / have played ) tennis, I would join the tennis club. 
3. The lecture was so (boring / bored) that I almost felt a sleep. 
4. There's petrol in the car, so you ( have to /needn't ) go to the petrol station. 
5. The cheque ( signed / was signed ) last week. 
6. When we got to the cinema, the film ( already / had ) started.

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Vocabulary and Spelling: (20 Marks) 
Q3.A// Complete cach sentence with the suitable word from the box:(10 M.) 
          ((convenient, paramedics, register, harm, branches, withdrawal ))  
1. You can .......... for this class by completing a form online, 
2. The Land Force, the Navy and the Air Force are all .......... of the military. 
3. She made a ........... froin her checking account. 
4. One of the main advantages of the Internet is that it is ..........
5. Sometimes, the way we use natural resources can .......... the environment.

B/ Match the beginnings in List A and the endings in list B. (5 only)

 List A
1. She studied English because ...........
2. I didn't recognize the place ........ 
3. If he's used computers before, 
4. I was told that........... 
5. I couldn't board the planc......... 
6. When I read the catalogue, I .......... 

 List B
a. he shouldknow how to use this software.
b. I would receive it within a week.
c.saw that classes started in June.
d. because it had changed so much. 
e. she knew she would be travellingfor work. 
f. because I had lost my boarding card.

C//Complete the following with correctly spelt words.   ( Choose 5 only), dislike : trust......... ,
2. experience, exp : driving licence,...........
3. yearly, annual ; unemployed,............. 
4. be, been ; buy .....
5. attract , attractive : delight,........... 
6. fast, faster; good,...............

Literature Focus: (10 Marks) 
Q4. Answer or complete (5) of the following questions:     (10 M.)
1. The Swing is a sincere invitation to .............
2. Could the woman in " The Canary" describe how the canary sang?
3. When did Mohammed Khudhair write his short story "The Swing"? 
4. Where did Mohammed Khudhair finish his primary, intermediate and secondary study? 
5. In 'The Canary " what did the canary do to attract the attention of his owner? 
6. Why does Katherine Mansfield remain famous?

Writing: ( 20 Marks )
Q5. Choose either A or B.       (20 M.) 

A/ Write a short article for a travel magazine of (100-120) words on:
"A wonderful holiday I have had " 

B/ Write a short essay giving your opinion about this statement:
"Studying while you're working is worth all the hard work." Your essay should have a short introduction and a conclusion. Remember to use linking words and phrases. You should write ( 100-120 ) words.
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